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Tourism Advanced Toastmasters Club Suzhou

Would you like to become an excellent speaker or leader? Do you prefer to practise these skills in a no-pressure and fun atmosphere, together with a group of international people? Visit the TATC – The Tourism Advanced Toastmasters Club of Suzhou!

The TATC, founded on 6 September 2017, is the first Advanced Toastmasters Club in Suzhou. It is part of “Toastmasters International”, a non-profit organization that had its first meeting in California, in 1924. The organization has more than 374.000 members, who improve their speaking and leadership skills by attending one of the 16.400 clubs in 142 countries.

The term “Toastmaster” originally referred to a person who proposed or announced toasts at banquets. Nowadays, the term is used for somebody that is in charge of the proceedings of a public speaking event. 

What makes the TATC special?

Many topics during the meetings of the TATC are related to Culture, Travel, and Life in an International Environment. Therefore, Suzhou expats and internationally focussed Chinese people with a good level of English are invited to join the weekly TATC meetings.
The Tourism Advanced Toastmasters Club Suzhou is very fortunate to have Executive Committee members, but also regular members, that work in the Tourist industry, and that love to share their treasure of knowledge about the culture and highlights of the Suzhou area.

Bridging the World

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Every week, we invite people from within the TATC, but very often also guest speakers from all over the world, to share, during the general meetings on Wednesday evenings, their international, cultural or touristic stories with us. Monthly Tours
Every month there will be a trip organized for all members and special guests; a great opportunity to learn more about the beautiful city and region that we live in.

Learning Objectives

A Toastmasters meeting is a fun and enjoyable learning-by-doing workshop in which participants practise their speaking and leadership skills. The Toastmasters approach will help you to:

  • Become a better, more confident public speaker and communicator
  • Improve your presentation skills
  • Develop impromptu speaking skills
  • Learn how to successfully persuade, motivate and inspire others
  • Enhance your leadership skills
  • Become a more effective and focused listener.

The Toastmasters Philosophy

Each member learns at a pace suitable to his or her developmental needs. The Toastmasters program is divided into two separate tracks: Communication and Leadership, with members progressing along each track (pathway) by presenting speeches and taking on roles within their club.

The Meetings

Each meeting has a structured format, with various members participating in the different roles in the meetings. The meeting is run by a Toastmaster of the Evening.

There are  buy fluoxetine over the counter 3 basic parts to the Toastmasters meeting: the prepared speeches, the table topics, and the evaluations.
– In the prepared speaking part of the meeting, several members will give a prepared speech or presentation. The speeches are designed to meet the requirements of one of the Pathways (levels) that are clearly explained in the communication manuals.
– “Table topics” is a speaking exercise where the speaker speaks “off the cuff”; the speaker responds to a question or topic that is not known beforehand. The Table Topics Master presents the topic, calls on a voluntary individual, and then that person has 1 to 2 minutes to speak about that topic.

All members are encouraged to fulfil one of 3 important meeting roles.
* A Grammarian introduces new words to meeting participants and monitors language and grammar usage; in his or her report he/she will point out mispronunciations and mistakes in grammar or word repetition.
* An Ah-Counter keeps track of audible pauses and filler words like “ah,” “er,” “um,” “well,” and “you know”.
* The meeting’s Timer monitors, controls and reports how much time each speaker, table topics responder, and evaluator took to give his or her presentation.

– During the Evaluation Session, feedback is provided to all speakers. The evaluation session is headed by a General Evaluator, who calls on individual speech evaluators to give a 2 to 3-minute evaluation of the presentations. After the evaluations are finished, the General Evaluator calls for the reports of the Grammarian, the ah-Counter and the Timer.

Finally, the General Evaluator, or Master Evaluator, gives his or her overall evaluation of the meeting and makes recommendations on ways to improve future meetings.

The Club Executive Committee

Come and visit us!

– Visit as a Guest –

We invite you to attend any of our meetings as a guest. The entrance fee is 20 RMB per meeting. The maximum amount of times you can visit as a guest is 5; after that, we ask you kindly to become a member.

– Becoming a Member –

After visiting our meetings as a guest, you might consider becoming a member of the Tourism Advanced Toastmasters Club of Suzhou. Our Vice President Membership, Carina Ding (138-14871341) will be very happy to answer all your questions and to sign you up.

All new members pay a one-time admission fee of 200 RMB, as well as a 6-months membership of 350 RMB.

Time and Location

The TATC meets every Wednesday, from 7 pm till 9 pm (except public holidays).
Location: Suzhou Tourist Information and Service Center, 2nd Floor, 276 Fenghuang Street, Gusu District.

Directions: Take Metro Line 1, get off at Lindun Lu station, exit 2. At the first crossing turn right into Fenghuang Jie. The Visitor Information Center is on the left side of the street, just before the intersection with Dinghuisi Alley. Our meeting will be on the second floor.

More information

Read more about the Toastmasters International Organization and Program at

For any question about our club, please feel free to contact us at
The TATC has a public WeChat Account where you can find reports and photos of past meetings and agendas of upcoming events, including the names of the scheduled speakers and the topics of their speeches. Please scan or extract the QR code to follow us.


The Tourism Toastmaster Club has a public WeChat Account where you see reports and photos of past meetings and agendas of upcoming meetings, including the names of the scheduled speakers and the topics of their speeches. Please scan or extract the QR code to follow us.

Hope to see you at the next TTC meeting!

Suzhou Tourist Information and Service Center, 2nd Floor

276 Fenghuang Street, Gusu District.

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