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Suzhou International Lohas Festival

from 12th ~ 15th October 2017
@ Suzhou Moon Harbor cheap beer lyrics

The SUZHOU INTERNATIONAL LOHAS FESTIVAL includes 3 amazing events:
• The PURPLEBUG music festival

Live music 5 pm – 9 pm
Dance party 9 pm – late

Free entrance!
Come and join us – and have a great time.


follow url  Parking Park Party Bazaar

Looking for unique gifts? Or are you interested in tasting international food and drinks?
Visit the 50+ vendors from around the World for an amazing selection of articles and yummy treats.

Some highlights:
Handcrafts – Jewellery, handmade leather items, handmade stamps, dry flowers, jade paintings, handmade chocolate, handmade silk bags
a diving school, a Tree school,
Chinese style furniture, Chinese ceramics, European deco, vintage items from Tibet
Taiwanese tea, Srilankan tea
a tattoo shop, a secondhand online platform
Robots, mini video rooms
Maserati, Alfa-Romeo and camper trunk booths

Thai, Italian and Indian food
Australian hummers
Russian ice cream
Chinese traditional sugar paintings
Sichuan snacks
and much more!

go here  PurPleBug Music Festival

Amazing music, liquor presented by handsome young men and beautiful ladies.
World-class musicians and DJs will bring you great music and keep you dancing until the wee hours of the night.

Bring your families and friends, and dress up.
We will be celebrating an early HALLOWEEN!!!


? Subway: Line 1 to Culture & Expo Center, Exit 1.

? Bus:215/夜2/106/108/2/206/219/47/120/156/127 to Culture & Expo Center.

? Walk: Start with Culture & Expo Center Exit 1, walk south into Shuige Road, after about 200 meters you will reach the festival.

In DiDi, type “Moon Harbor” or 月光码头”.

To see photos of past International Lohas events go here.

DC. Designer Concept – DC Brand Union
DC Brand Union belongs to Suzhou Chenglu Business Ltd. Co., which was established in 2012, and mainly focuses on brand marketing, bazaar organization and business event/exhibition design and implementation.
The company successfully cooperated with several shopping malls like Harmony, Shin Kong, Rainbow etc. DC Brand Union has built partnerships with successful entrepreneurs and artists like a French Michelin chef, a Danish baker and the American musician DON.
DC Brand Union is international, professional and resourceful. 
If you are interested in selling special products or concepts, on the Bazaars or if you like to know about the DC events, feel free to where to buy dramamine patch contact Kunibaer of DC Brand Union.
Phone: 133-7217 8535
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