The Suzhou Gaelic Éire Óg Football Club

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A little-known fact about Suzhou – it has its own Gaelic Football Club, the Suzhou Éire Óg.

The club meets for practice twice a week, Tuesdays from 8pm to 10pm and on Saturday afternoons from 12pm to 2 pm.

Besides staying in shape, the club is also a great way to meet new people. Men and women of all levels, as well as beginners, are welcome to join.

Nationalities represented in the club include but are not limited to Irish, British, Americans, New- Zealanders, Australians, Belgians, Dutch, Canadians, Germans and of course Chinese.

What is Gaelic football?
99% of those joining the club have never played but that is nothing to worry about.
Join us for training and we’ll have an experienced player take you through the basics.
Gaelic football is played by teams of 9 on a rectangular grass pitch (=regular football pitch) with H-shaped goals at each end.
The primary object is to score by kicking or striking the ball with the hand and getting it through the goals.
Players advance the ball up the field with a combination of carrying, soloing (dropping and then toe-kicking the ball upward into the hands), kicking, and hand-passing to their team-mates.
If you are curious about Gaelic Football, here is a 4-minute Youtube video that explains the rules.

Contact information:
Email or have a look at the Suzhou Gaelic Football Club Facebook page.

Tuesday  8-10 pm
Saturday 12-2 pm

Location: Suzhou Singapore International School (SSIS)

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