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Suzhou Cricket Club Suzhou Cricket Club was started in 2012, and caters for cricketers of all abilities and backgrounds. Not only do they play cricket, but they also have a thriving social scene. Their sponsor, The Camel Bar in Xinghai Square, kindly provides them with food and drink post match. The Suzhou Cricket Club regularly plays cricket all around China, including the Xiamen 6’s, Nanjing 6’s competitions and against individual sides as close as Shanghai and as far as Xiamen. In 2014, they won the prestigious Xiamen 6’s competition. If you love cricket, don’t hesitate to join this fun club, and start playing!

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Dushu Hu Sports Park at Wenjing Road (文景路独墅湖体育公园), behind the Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University campus.
Please note: Currently the ground is undergoing reconstruction. Therefore, please do not go straight to the ground. Contact the Suzhou Cricket Club, and they will inform you where they are playing.

Suzhou Cricket Club

Dushu Hu Sports Park at Wenjing Road

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