Parsley & Coriander by Antonella Moretti

rencontre femmes Г dakar My name is Antonella Moretti and I live in Suzhou since 2012. This is our first experience abroad and has been a real adventure for our family! Like many others, I followed my husband’s career and became an “accompanying spouse”. I quit my job – I was an accountant – but I didn’t feel sad for it. Instead, I rediscovered my love for writing and started a blog. began as an easy way to keep family and friends updated. Day after day it grew, becoming more informative and touching many themes relating to Chinese culture and life abroad. Realizing how many foreigners need information about living in China, I also started an English blog.

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source The feelings, curiosities, and anecdotes to share were so many! So I decided the blogs were not enough and I started to write a book about the life of expats in this big country. In 2016 I self-published my first novel. It tells the story of three Italian women who follow their husbands to China: for love, need or choice, they just drop everything and throw themselves into the big adventure of being an expat. In such a different country, they must face new challenges, fears, and excitement.

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get link The story deals with many important aspects of expat wives’ lives: the need to reinvent themselves, the sadness and homesickness, the ability to adapt, the respect for the hosting country. It portraits a big picture of the many feelings that trailing spouses encounter while abroad. Some of them reinvent themselves, some of them go beyond their limits, while others simply can’t accept the diversity, close themselves up to the new life and end up viewing their life abroad merely as an obligation.


follow site The book was well received from the Italian expat community and gained wide recognition among Italian websites regarding expat life. The English edition is now available on Amazon in Kindle and paperback edition.

Trading options on treasury futures My goal in life is to keep writing, informing and entertaining my readers.

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