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http://kseniapphotography.ca/get-in-touch/ The Chinese take beauty and Wellness very seriously. Wherever you are in China, spas, massage centers and nail studios can be found everywhere. For Chinese wellness is part of daily life and many places offer affordable services.
So why not try the pampering of the East?

buy aciclovir australia Manicure, pedicure, foot massage or full body, hotsprings, a Chinese or a Korean Sauna. For the most brave under us there is cupping or scraping. All part of Chinese Culture. We will list some of the Spas, Massage Houses and Nail Shops in Suzhou. You will find more options on this website.
Enjoy the experience!

Saunas / Spas

cheap generic Lamictal no prescription The word Spa comes from Latin, “Solus-Par-Aqua.” Solus means healthy, Par means through and Aqua is water. So, Spa means making one healthy through water. Now, Spa has been a popular way to relax oneself and keep fit.

In most bathhouses you first get rid of your shoes, sometimes they put them in a locker for you. Then you go to the cashier’s desk where you get a locker key arm band with built-in chip. All the services you use that day will be saved on that chip and you will pay the total amount when you check out. Then you will be guided to the women’s area where you undress. You’ll leave your clothing in a locker and proceed to a shower area. Yes, you’ll walk around completely nude except for slippers and your locker key band. But you will not be alone in your nudity and you’ll get used to it pretty fast. In a  “amongst girls” atmosphere you can enjoy the various soaking pools, steam  and scrub rooms.
When you are ready to go to the public area you’ll be given cotton pyjamas. The bigger spas have many sauna’s, resting area’s, massage rooms, a tea room and a restaurant.
Some spas are open 24 hours.


Manicure / Pedicure