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Emergency Numbers

orlistat precio Here is an overview of the Chinese Emergency phone numbers and some directions about how to report an emergency.

buy propecia australia Sometimes being a foreigner can make you feel quite helpless, especially when it involves the health of you or your family members. Fortunately, Suzhou has some good international clinics and medical or dental centers. If you need more specialistic care Shanghai is home to a number of high quality international hospitals. Although the traveling can be time consuming the hospitals and medical centers adequately meet the health needs of the Suzhou’s expat community.  



Buying Medicines in China

Are you running out of the medicines you brought from your home country?
Here’s an easy guide of the over-the-counter equivalents to Western medicines.

Treat a cold with TCM

buy levitra cialis viagra Sore or scratchy throat?
Fatigue, headache?
Read about how you can treat a cold with Chinese Medicine and get better soon!