Gallery 4

From small beginnings, Gallery 4 engages the younger generations by fusing the arts to ensure quality art sales, education and performance, with excellence, for the purpose of bridging cultures and uniting people to enrich the worldwide community.

Opening time:Mon-Sat 15:00—21:00
Tel:155 0139 6803
Add:Xingzhou Street, Block 2, Bldg 297, Room B-106
Bus to gallery :18、27、52、118、126、141、146、178、168、205、207、518, 38、218

开馆时间: 周一到周六 15:00—21:00
联系电话:155 0139 6803(尹)
或138、218 到城邦花园东。

Small Gallery 4

Xingzhou Street, Block 2, Bldg 297, Room B-106

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