Fitness Workout Classes with El

El is a half Namibian, half South-African certified Fitness Trainer. He is passionate about training, teaching and coaching.
According to El, this is what sports can do for you:
Workout exercises can make you fit and strong: you gain muscles and absolute strength. Also you become flexible, gain power, speed, better coordination, agility, balance, precision and on top of that: you are going to look amazing!
Don’t we all want that?

EL’s Certifications:

NASM Certified Trainer (USA)
NCSF Certified Trainer (AU)
Crossfit Junior Certified Trainer (AU)

TRX Certified Trainer (CAN)
DANCER Certified Teacher
BASKETBALL Certified Training Coach

Crossfit & TRX workout classes

Every Monday & Thursday at 6:30pm & 7:30pm, at the H+FITNESS Gym in Global 188 Shopping Mall Building:
Crossfit & TRX workout classes in English with trainer El Fevally.
Small Groups
Price: 12 classes for 1500 RMB.


Personal Fitness Training

Professional Trainer EL also provides personal training classes at H+ FITNESS gym; Individualised program, flexible schedule. 400 RMB/hour.


Contact EL
WeChat : Lilanswer3

Global 188 Building 3F
88 Suhui Road, Suzhou SIP


Global 188 Building 3F, 88 Suhui Road, Suzhou SIP.

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