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Epermarket Online Supermarket

follow link Epermarket is a Shanghai-based, online supermarket for expats that offers the products and brands you miss, from a place you trust.

enter To fully guarantee their commitment to quality, each year Epermarket renews the ISO 9001 quality management certification and has all fresh products tested by SGS, the world’s leading inspection, verification and testing company. The new Epermarket warehouse is truly a first of its kind for any Chinese online supermarket, using 5 different temperature-controlled storage rooms and separated receiving and delivery areas.

go to link Whether shopping Epermarket’s fresh selection, pantry, or the wide variety of non-food and household items, you can select from over 7,000 products from around the world, to be delivered directly to your doorstep.

Online shopping is made easier than ever before for people living in Suzhou. Go to the Epermarket website or use the App, fill your shopping cart with your favorites and choose from any of the flexible payment options. Order by 4 pm and receive your delivery the next day. The Epermarket website and customer service are available in 4 languages:  English, French, German and Chinese.

buy vermox uk Website:  www.epermarket.com
Phone:  400-776 0776
Email:  service@epermarket.com

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