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Emergency Phone Numbers

Emergency Phone Numbers

Police (call)  –  110
Police (text-message) – 12110
Suzhou Police (text-message) – 12110+512 

Ambulance  – 120
Fire Fighters   –  119
Traffic Accidents – 122
SOS, somebody drowning – 12395

Helpful Words and Sentences

Police: 警察 (jǐng chá)
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Call the police: 报警 (bàojǐng jǐng chá)
or you can simply say:  call 110 – “打 110” (dá yāo yāo líng)

Ambulance: 救护车 (jiùhù chē)
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Call an Ambulance: “叫救护车” (jiào jiù hù chē)
or you can simply say:  call 120 – “打 120” (dá yāo èr líng)


Fire department: 火警 (huǒjǐng)/ 消防队 (xiāo fáng duì)
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Call 119: “打 119” (dá yāo yāo jiǔ)

To be on Fire: 着火 (zháohuǒ)
“My house/apartment is on fire!”: 我的房子着火了!(wǒ de fángzi zháo huǒ le)

Help! – 救命 (jiùmìng)

“I am on/at (your location).” – 我在 (your location) – wǒ zài (your location)

Accident – 事故 (shìgù)

Get injured – 受伤 (shòushāng)

Danger; dangerous – 危险 (wēixiǎn)

Contacting the Police by sending an SMS

In some special circumstances, when you feel unsafe to speak on the phone, instead of calling 110, it might be preferable to send an SMS to the police.

Some examples of these situations:
1) On a bus or train, during a robbery
2) When you feel threatened – when there is gambling, prostitutes, drugs, violence involved
3) While being kidnapped or when you are at home and there are burglars in the house.

To text the Chinese police, send an SMS to 12110 + your city’s three-digit area code (512 for Suzhou). So for people in Suzhou, the number to save to your address book would be 12110512.
If your area code has only two digits, then add a zero to the beginning (for example, the area code for Shanghai is 21 so make it 021. The number to text would be 12110021)

Texting 12110 should only be done in this kind of special circumstances. In most emergency situations it is better to directly call 110.

The SMS should be as brief as possible and should include your location and the nature of the incident. For example, if you are at home and you notice there are burglars in your house you can text: “Suzhou, SIP, 1 Jinjihu DaDao, 12-003 Flower Garden, thieves in my home.” Best is to text in Chinese, but if you cannot do so you can text in English, the police should be able to translate your message.

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