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Baby and Toddler Groups

by | Feb 23, 2017 | Kids

If you are new in Suzhou with young kids or one on the way; you are not alone!

There are weekly coffee mornings at Starbucks and playgroup meetings in one of the indoor playgrounds.
No need to register for the group, just come along if you feel like it. (Of course, you do have to pay for the indoor playground)

Join these groups on Wechat and new mommy friends are near!
In these groups, you can ask each other all kinds of questions like; wich pediatrician is best, what to do when your little one is having a jetlag (and you probably too!), where to buy good baby shoes etc.
Everybody is here to help each other!
See you soon!!

This group meets weekly and is for mommies to be and mommies with baby’s up to 18 or 24 months
Every Thursday 10:00-12:00
At Starbucks (Forest area) in Harmony City Mall, Times Square

* buy cipro overnight delivery FRIDAY PLAYGROUP
This group also meets weekly and is for all mommy’s with children who don’t go to school, (but mostly toddlers).
The group switches between 2 locations!
Every Friday 10:00-12:00
At Harmony City Mall
(3rd floor, above GAP),
Link City Mall
(Molly Fantasy World, 3rd floor)

buy viagra over the counter london SUZHOU MOMS’ CHAT
In this group, you can ask all your questions: where to go if you need a good English speaking doctor or dentist; where to find that great kids suitcase online or buy proper shoes. But also if you want to sell anything: post it here!

Contact Geertje, owner of the 3 groups mentioned above.
WeChat ID: Geertjevanderwel
Phone: 186-6253 9954

or scan Geertje’s WeChat QR code

This is a closed group. After being accepted, you will find loads of tips about living in Suzhou with a family. Don’t be shy to ask your questions here, the Suzhou community is extremely supportive. Suzhou Families Facebook Page.

Thursday's Baby's & Bumps in Harmony City Mall

Harmony City Mall
Starbucks (Forest area) – Times Square

Friday's Playgroup in Link City Mall

Link City Mall
Molly Fantasy World, 3rd floor

Friday's Playgroup in Harmony City Mall

Harmony City Mall
(3rd floor, above GAP)

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