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About WeAreSuzhou

buy valtrex online australia Welcome to WeAreSuzhou.com, an independent and non-commercial platform for the international community in Suzhou. I am an expat lady from the Netherlands and I founded, built and run this site for fun, as a service to the Suzhou International Community.

buy orlistat from mexico There are many thousands of international people in Suzhou – foreigners of course; single expats, couples, families, teachers, and students. There are also a lot of Chinese people that are part of the International Community. WeAreSuzhou aims to function as an online information platform for all of these groups, but also tries to get them more connected and to build a strong and fun community. The project focusses on creating opportunities for people living in Suzhou and surroundings – to have a great time in this beautiful city, but at the same time to use that time in a meaningful way.

WeAreSuzhou aims to share useful information with people living in this amazing, ever-changing city. Also, you can find here an overview of the coolest events in Suzhou, as well of the Communities and Clubs.

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